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A kindergarden and a nursery on the highest quality standards in the city. We are offering educational, clean and safe environment for your child, five days in a week.

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In order for children to feel safe and have the best conditions for development, each day must be carefully planned.

About Us

In kindergarten, your student will practice basic concepts of math, reading, writing, shapes, and time.

We strongly believe in learning through play close to nature. We help children to develop social skills and a sense of belonging to a group with respect for each other. Our educational approach encourages children to become confident, relying on personal strengths. We aim to provide a nurturing environment giving each child the opportunity to become independent to develop into a confident person.


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In a typical year, we would encourage you to schedule an in-person visit so you could see our campus. This is not a typical year. We would love to have visitors to help our parents make a decision about choosing the best place for their child, unfortunately as result of the COVID-19 Pandemic visits must to be very strictly regulated and planned. 

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

The kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except for statutory holidays and public holidays.

The kindergarten covers with its upbringing and care for children up to 6 years of age (kindergarten for six-year-olds).

All children attending our kindergarten participate in theaters, workshops, meetings with interesting people (firefighter, policeman, actor, etc.), special events and many other attractions.

There is also a kindergarten garden on the premises of the kindergarten, which fulfills cognitive, recreational and aesthetic functions, as well as satisfies the need for movement of a preschool child.

Adaptation classes are organized for children starting their adventure with kindergarten.




Multilingualism in childhood positively affects the effectiveness of thinking and learning.

Eco workshops

Ecological workshops are held periodically in the kindergarten, combined with culinary classes.


Fine arts gives you the opportunity to fulfill yourself and express yourself. 


Rhythmics shape an independent, active, physically healthy and sensitive preschooler. 


Gymnastic exercises in preschool age affect the comprehensive development of a child.

How much does it cost?

Please, contact us on Whats App or Facebook to find out about the prices.

What are the working hours?

For the convenience and comfort of parents, our facility is open from 7.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. for 12 months a year.

Is it safe for my child?

LittleWonders is a modern facility of a very high standard, which was created with the youngest residents of Dammam in mind and not only. The kindergarten is adapted to the needs of children in every respect. The facility meets all the requirements of Saudi Arabia law. We have spacious, sunny teaching rooms and toilets specially adapted to the needs of children. All rooms are lined with a safe, non-slip and anti-allergic floor covering designed especially for kindergartens. The facility has been equipped with security systems, i.e. cameras and intercoms. The kindergarten also includes a fenced and monitored playground, which has been equipped with certified toys adapted for preschool children. The kindergarten garden is located away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and exhaust fumes. We would like to point out here that Little Wonders a is the only user of the playground.

The priority of the entire Little Wonders staff is to ensure the greatest possible safety for children. Unfortunately, the modern world is full of threats, and as you know, preschool age is the time when children should learn as much as possible about the surrounding reality, which can carry a number of various threats. Children must learn to anticipate and deal with emergencies by properly assessing the dangers. The kindergarten has a large impact on the formation of the child’s personality, therefore, systematic activities aimed at making children aware of the dangers ahead should be started as early as possible. The best allies in achieving the intended goal are, above all, the rules and norms instilled in children every day and consistently followed by both the kindergarten and the nursery school staff. and individual family members of children. The aim of pre-school education is to support and guide the child’s development in accordance with its innate potential and its developmental possibilities in relations with the socio-cultural and natural environment. Upbringing preschool children to care for their own safety focuses on learning by children about safety rules and observing them, as well as on learning about safety-threatening situations.

What are our goals?
  1. We create educational and educational conditions that support the development of children in accordance with their individual predispositions.
  2. We strive to provide equal educational opportunities for all children.
  3. We create an atmosphere conducive to the acceptance of every child
  4. We want our children to have the ability to think rationally
  5. We want our children to be curious about the world, we help them become independent, get to know themselves and understand others
  6. We try to ensure that the pupils find support in caregivers and specialists
  7. We meet the needs and interests of children.
  8. We respect children’s rights, care for good interpersonal relations and effective interpersonal communication
  9. We strengthen the child’s faith in their own strength and abilities and ensure success
  10. Our goal is to make the child aware and sensitive.
  11. We want creation to give our children joy and teach them to think creatively and creatively in the future.
More informations about stuff and interiors.

Our staff is a trusted team of young and experienced educators who have been working with us for years. Working with children is their life passion. The creativity and ingenuity of our staff allow us to conduct unique classes. Their daily work is to support children in the cognitive process, develop their creativity and independence, while maintaining an individual approach to the needs of each pupil. They win the hearts of all children with their patience, sensitivity and warmth, and build trust among parents with their professionalism. Good fun, careful preparation for classes, responsible care, maturity and, above all, taking care of the safety of our children – this is the showcase of our educators and help.

Our interiors have been equipped with furniture and accessories approved for use by children. All of them have special approvals and permits, which makes them very friendly and safe for children. They are tailored to their needs, capabilities and expectations.

The furniture has special dimensions and finishes. Thanks to this, children are safe, sit and rest comfortably, and the work and drawing spaces are adapted in such a way as to support their young spines. As a result, children are supported in healthy and balanced physical development from an early age.